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MediTrackGPS® Australia

MT51 4G LTE Personal GPS Tracker SOS Locator

MT51 4G LTE Personal GPS Tracker SOS Locator

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MT51 4G LTE Personal GPS Tracker SOS Locator

Are you looking for a Personal GPS Tracker that is designed with Kids, Teens and the Elderly in mind? A Personal GPS Tracker that is packed full of features like Fall Detection, SOS & GEO Fence? MediTrackGPS® would like to present to you one of the smallest most powerful Personal GPS Trackers in the world. The MediTrackGPS® MT51 4G LTE Personal GPS Tracker.

The MT51 supports various 4G bands. Our device is the most fully equipped Personal GPS Tracking Device on the Australian market and it's a perfect investment for the safety of family members living day to day life with a disability.

The MT51 is most suited for:

  • Kids
  • Teens
  • Autism
  • Epilepsy
  • Dementia
  • Asperger's
  • Alzheimer's
  • Adventurers
  • Lone Workers
  • Seniors/Elderly
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Emergency Workers
  • Lawyers and Solicitors

The MT51 Personal GPS Tracker can locate and monitor any remote target by SMS or GPS. It is the most technologically advanced device on the Australian market using GPS and AGPS double positioning. It's unique design and small size makes it ideal for personal security and the safety of loved ones when vulnerable or in a emergency.

Behind the shell of the MT51 is the highest quality positioning technology and with the help of it's high performance components and energy saving software, the battery life in standby mode is up to 2 weeks.

In the event of an emergency you can easily communicate with a carer, friend, family member or emergency services.

Our devices are the most powerful and fully equipped Personal GPS Tracking Device on the Australian market.


  • 4G LTE Bands: B1/B2/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20/B28
  • Waterproof IP67
  • GPS+Beidou positioning, accuracy up to 5 m
  • WIFI positioning, accuracy up to 30m
  • Web platform & Phone App for positions check
  • Pill reminder and Pedometer
  • Fall detection with alert
  • SOS urgent call for help
  • Speed dial call
  • Ring to find the device
  • Historical route display
  • Geo-fence
  • Low battery alert
  • SIM card changing alert
  • Talking clock for real time voice telling
  • FREE Real-time tracking platform and mobile app
  • No subscriptions
  • Stores two emergency contacts


  • GPS locating time: 30sec with cold boot (open sky)
  • 29sec with warm boot (open sky)
  • 5sec with hot boot (open sky)
  • GPS positioning accuracy: 5-15m (open sky)
  • WIFI positioning accuracy: 15-100m(Under WIFI range)
  • Working temperature: -20℃ ~ +70℃
  • Working humidity: 5% ~ 95% RH
  • Size: 57.5(L)*40(W)*16.5(H)mm
  • Weight: 45g
  • Battery:1000mAh

Package Includes:

  • MediTrackGPS® MT51 Personal GPS Tracker
  • Magnetic USB Cable
  • English Instructions
  • 🆓 Screwdriver
  • 🆓 Lanyard

MediTrackGPS® covers a full 12 month repair/replacement Australian warranty.

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Is the use of BARKAHOLICS® E-Collars for dogs Illegal in your State of Australia?




YES Animal Welfare Act
NSW YES Section 16 of the Act, Section 13 and Schedule 1 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (General) Regulation 1996 and Schedule 1 make the use of electric dog collars illegal. One exception to this rule is electric collars associated with canine invisible boundaries. These are not illegal provided the canine invisible boundary is used to confine dogs, but only used inside a fence through which dogs cannot pass and that is not less than 1.5 metres high.


NO Regulation 4 and Schedule 1 of the Animal Welfare Regulations allow for the use of electric shock collars in the course of training a dog (excluding collars operated by a remote control device).
QLD NO All Shock Collars are Legal for use in Queensland
SA YES Animal Welfare Act
TAS NO Animal Welfare Act 1993 (As long as there is no pain to the animal)

Subject to exemptions under Reg 7E(2)

Permitted under prescribed circumstances Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Regulations 1997 (Reg 7E(2)). See for details.


Animal Welfare (General ) Regulations 200


Please Note: BARKAHOLICS® takes No legal liability in the use of any of our training collars.

If you live in a State that they are illegal you agree in taking full responsibility of your actions in purchasing/using our product against the stated law above. Purchase at your own risk of prosecution for not following above guidelines.